Monday, October 15, 2007


We left singapore PUNGGOL MARINA COUNTRY CLUB at 7.30am and went to kelong to pickup live bait (PRAWN).Along came this BIG SHIP and it was speeding and horning at us. This ship was rushing for time and he had complaint to the port master that we were blocking his way,within minutes we were stop by PORT MASTER and my boatmen had to write a statement letter once we were back from fishing.

As usual my buddy and me sure to pose before we start fishing.

The TALKING POINT.The LONG 6 HOURS journey to sedili.All of us took a nice nap.
A nice looking of mangrove jack caught at sedili about 3am by one of our members. Sam with another good looking mangrove jack with his girlfriend(the golden snapper champion)
A nice table size PARROT FISH caught .
The one and only big POMFRET.(Dont know who caught it).
This baby shark caught by SAM.


Fishing at SEDILI was not that good coz the current was slow and the fish was not bitting, so our good boatmen gave us a suggestion that we need to travel back for about 4hrs to the famous HORSBURGH LIGHT HOUSE which is famous for the XL SIZE GOLDEN SNAPPER.

Upon arriving the spot we were given a very warm welcome by this xl size GROUPER.We call it COMBAT GROUPER . All of us was freshen up with this catch.

After 1hour than finally the golden snapper showed up , from there onwards all of us were on the ball and non of us went to bed that whole night.The golden snapper was showing up as and when and MUST say thank you to our boatmen for the great spot .
Our one and only POWER UNCLE .He's a cool uncle with full of skills.

Our uncle with the one and only FLATFISH.We call E.T (ALIEN ).
The barracuda attack.
The battle of THE BARA. The sunrise and the waiting game.


Wati Basri said...

b,gld u hd a grt time fishing....and those fishes u brought back are just awesome!! :)

Chris Ansley Thexeira said...

thanks,i knew u sure like it.